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About Us


The Crescent School, previously known as Algiers Point Montessori, is a small school in New Orleans that focuses on a nurturing environment with low student-teacher ratios. We offer care for infants - 6 years in Algiers Point. We follow a place-based curriculum that incorporates Montessori lessons and practices. We encourage curiosity and adventure through the environment that we create and the language we use with our students. 

We follow a place-based curriculum, meaning, we use our community, city, and surroundings as a third teacher in our classrooms. Our lessons are taught through the lense of living in New Orleans and specifically in Algiers Point. Place-based is "the process of using the local community and environment as a starting point to teach concepts in language arts, mathematics, social studies science, and other subjects across the curriculum. Emphasizing hands-on, real-world learning experiences, this approach to education increases academic achievement, helps students develop stronger ties to their community, and enhances students' appreciation for the natural world..."​

Along with a place-based curriciulum, we also pull inspiration from Montessori practices with our letter lessons, number lessons, and practical life practices. We encourage autonomy, creativity, and movement. 

The Crescent School is directed by Liza Drennon. She is a local resident of Algiers Point who is passionate about the importance of early childhood education and building a community focused education for the children of New Orleans. ​

2023/2024 School Calendar


August 7th: First day of school 


September 4th: Labor Day – closed 


September 15th: Professional Development – closed 


October 12 - 16: Fall break – closed


October 17: Resume school 


October 25: Professional Development – Closed 


November 20-24: Thanksgiving break 


November 27: Resume school 


December 18-29: Winter Break 


January 1: New Years Day Holiday – Closed 


January 2: Professional Development – Closed 


January 15: MLK Day – Closed 


February 8: Half day 


February 9-16: Mardi Gras Break – Closed 


February 16: Professional Development 


February 19: Resume School 


March 13: Professional Development – Closed 


April 3: Professional Development – Closed 


April 4-8: Spring Break – Closed 


May 27: Memorial Day – Closed 


May 31: Half Day – Last day of school 


June 3-7: Break – Closed 


June 19: Juneteenth – Closed


July 4: Independence Day – Closed 


July 29-July 2: Professional Development – Closed 

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