About Us

The Crescent School is a new program, the sister school to Algiers Point Montessori.  We are a child-led, play-based center that focuses on imagination and natural born curiosity. We encourage curiosity and adventure through the environment we create and the language we use to communicate with our students. 

Our materials and activities are inspired from Montessori practices. This means we encourage students to learn through their own experiences and lean on teachers as guides. We, as a staff and as a school, also use the "place-based education" practices as inspiration with how we teach and show our smallest students the world.

The Crescent School is started by owner and director of Algiers Point Montessori, Liza Drennon. She is a local resident of Algiers Point who is passionate in the importance of early childhood education and building a community focused education for the children of New Orleans.