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Our Staff

Liza Drennon

Liza Drennon is the owner and director of The Crescent School. She has 10 years of child care experience that ranges from infants through 4th grade. Liza is dedicated to early childhood education and enriching the lives of every student she meets and has the opportunity to teach. 


Liza grew up in Austin and San Antonio where she attended schools that were neighborhood and community focused. She found her love for education through the education she was given at a young age. Liza has lived in New Orleans since 2012 and has a degree in Sociology from Loyola University. She now resides in Algiers Point with her dog and cat. 


Zoe Stone
Infants/Young Toddlers

Zoe Stone was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana and is from a long line of teachers. She started her teaching journey in New Orleans at Abeona House, a Reggio Emilia inspired school. She eventually moved to Portland, Oregon and spent time in certifed AMA Montessori school. She ended her time nannying, where she used both Reggio Emilia and Montessori styles, while finishing up a degree in English. 

Zoe has happily found herself back in her home state with her husband Nicholas and their dog, Willie. 

Gabriela Grimbly

Gabriela Grimbly has recently graduated with a degree in Pyschology with a focus in child development. Gabriela has worked with children for over the past 10 years from nannying to childcare to teaching. Gabriela has a passion to inspire and provide students with the guidance and care they deserve. Gabby also provides our students with the opportunity to learn in english and in spanish.

In her spare time, Gabby enjoys reading, furthering her education in child behavior, cooking, and spending time with her husband and her puppy Jazz! 

Stevieanne Chauvin

Stevie is a New Orleans native who grew up in Gentilly and has been teaching early childhood education for 6 years. Stevie's experience ranges in age from 1-5 year old's and she has been loving her teaching experience teaching the 3-5 year old's at The Crescent School. Stevie brings in creative projects and a loving demeanor to her students everyday. 

When not at work, Stevie enjoys reading, teaching herself new things, crafting, and spending time with her pets. Stevie currently lives in Gentilly with her partner Jordan and their three cats: Omi, Vex, and Trick!

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